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We offer qualified diagnostics and counselling or therapy in METTNAU for a wealth of indications. A selection of common indications is listed in the following:

Indications for medical treatment

  • all chronic heart diseases in adulthood, such as coronary heart disease, cardiomyopathy, heart failure, with and without heart surgery or intervention
  • influenceable risk factors, such as high blood pressure with/without organ damage, diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2, dyslipidemia, overweight/obesity, nicotine abuse
  • functional cardiovascular disorders
  • lack of physical training
  • psycho-vegetative exhaustion syndromes
  • functional orthopaedic complaints and moderate degenerative musculoskeletal diseases

Indications for follow-up treatments 

We offer follow-up rehabilitation at METTNAU for the diseases or measures listed below:

Diseases of the heart and circulatory system

    • after an acute heart attack (known as STEMI, NSTEMI)
    • coronary heart disease without an acute heart attack – following a complicated, mostly unstable history and to control the acute situation,
    • after elective balloon angioplasty or stenting (PTCA/PCI) of the coronary vessels if a distinct risk profile and specific training needs are present,
    • after coronary bypass surgery,
    • after cardiac valve surgery (correction, reconstruction, replacement),
    • after surgical correction of congenital heart defects,
    • in cardiomyopathy (heart muscle diseases), especially after acute deterioration or complications,
    • in severe heart failure (congestive heart failure) to control the acute situation,
    • in inflammatory heart disease (myocardial or pericardial inflammation)
    • after pulmonary embolisms
    • after treatment of severe cardiac arrhythmia and implantation of pacemakers or defibrillators.

 Diseases of the arterial vessels (angiology):

  • atherosclerosis of the peripheral arteries (peripheral arterial, occlusive disease) after distention of vessels (PTA) with or without stenting, especially with a strong risk factor profile and particular training needs,
  • after operations of the arterial vascular system as bypass or aneurysm surgery,
  • operations of the cerebral arteries after approval in individual cases, especially if the intervention was performed in combination with cardiac surgery.