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Rehabilitation is an important component of the German health system. It is available for inpatients or full-time outpatients. Rehabilitation at METTNAU differs considerably from the medical care offered in a hospital or in a doctor’s practice.

The aim of our dedicated METTNAU team is to prevent disease and give patients regained strength and joie de vivre after an illness of the cardiovascular system, to enable them to face the challenges of everyday life.

Based on a thorough examination, we put together a personalised therapy and training plan which will not overexert you or underchallenge you.

The wide range of exercises is supplemented by endurance training and relaxation techniques. Our physicians and sports physiotherapists show how you can master stressful situations in everyday life.

A healthy, balanced diet and pleasure in food will boost your performance. METTNAU nutritionists offer discussions in small groups and individual counselling above and beyond medical care.