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Welcome to METTNAU

Arrive, pause, reconnect with yourself, rediscover your own resources and recharge your batteries – all in a beautiful location.

Situated on the Mettnau peninsula on Lake Constance near Radolfzell, at the heart of one of the most fascinating cultural landscapes in Europe, is one of the most important and traditional movement therapy centres in Germany – METTNAU.

"Healing through movement" was the claim of an ambitious medical project established more than 60 years ago. The guiding principle and today's motto "Movement is Life" reflects the increasing importance of physical activity for health prevention and is the successful foundation for a balanced approach based on a Prerequisites to get to METTNAU combination of physical activity, relaxation, emotional balance and a healthy diet.

With almost 60 years of experience in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, METTNAU has an excellent reputation. Discover the history of METTNAU in our chronicle.

We would like to welcome you to METTNAU and are here to support you with competent advice at the highest level. METTNAU is your experienced partner and companion for starting out on a new, body-conscious and healthy lifestyle.