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The METTNAU concept

Our comprehensive range of services is based on decades of experience and continuous development. We see the human being in its entirety. After all, it is the combination of physical activity, relaxation and healthy eating that gives you strength and assists you in maintaining your emotional balance and vitality.

At METTNAU, we offer services in the following areas:


After a thorough medical examination, our team of physicians and therapists create your individual therapy plan. Our qualified staff are there to support and motivate you during the extensive range of sporting activities on offer. By allocating you to a certain fitness level, we help to ensure that you are neither overexerted nor underchallenged, but simply have fun exercising.

A balanced, healthy and tasty diet will give you strength, vitality and a sense of well-being. The chance to meet like-minded people and gain a sense of belonging will help you to achieve your personal goals.

Take a small break from your everyday routine with soothing massages and relaxation exercises. The comprehensive range of services at METTNAU will provide you with new stimuli, offering you an ideal opportunity to change your lifestyle in the long term.

Experience the unique beauty and character of the countryside around Lake Constance! Experience METTNAU with all its facets!