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Sports and therapy

Our METTNAU therapy team comprising 45 dedicated professionals (physiotherapists, qualified sports teachers, sports and aerobics teachers, occupational therapists, masseurs), is available to give you personal support and is looking forward to meeting you.

Sports activities

The METTNAU exercise programme takes place several times a day in five generously equipped sports halls and four therapy baths. Whether you are taking part in group exercises in the form of aerobics or water aerobics (depending on weather conditions, these can be held on our large outdoor facilities on the lakeshore), specific spinal exercises or more unusual sports such as Zumba or archery, you are sure to have fun!

To meet your individual needs and requirements, we offer a number of different fitness levels as part of our therapy programmes.

The METTNAU programme also includes stretching exercises, morning exercises and, if required, knee/hip or shoulder group and back therapy training.

Furthermore, we offer endurance sports programmes, such as Nordic walking and jogging. Our aim is to accompany you through a running training programme that is meaningful and pain-free by means of professional running analysis with video recording based on physiological and medical methods. In this way, we can help you so to run effortlessly and economically and protect yourself from straining yourself.

As a special feature, we offer tailored ergometer training based on your stress ECG, or ECG monitoring for cardiac patients, to enable optimal training results in this respect, too. In addition, cardiac patients have the option of controlled, equipment-based weight training.

Depending on your aptitude and inclinations, you can take advantage of many more sporting opportunities: Weight training/MTT, ball games, dance (including Zumba and line dancing), intuitive archery, rowing, boules, tennis, Hatha yoga (relaxation therapy) and many more.

We organise hikes in the surrounding countryside with a bus transfer and accompanied by a sports therapist. Here, too, different fitness levels are taken into account. To allow our cardiac patients to participate, they are accompanied by additional medical personnel.

On public holidays, we offer our basic programme (aerobics and water aerobics), so you can have fun exercising on these days too.


For patients with certain orthopaedic problems, individual personal therapy makes sense in addition to spinal exercises in the therapy bath or in the gym. Each of our clinics has highly trained physical therapists who can specifically address your problems with a wide range of options, especially in the area of physiotherapy, with manual techniques and individual exercise programmes (with and without equipment).

We also offer osteopathic treatment.

The aim of physiotherapy and osteopathy is to improve your mobility, relieve pain, strengthen/stabilise where necessary and support the healing process.

Physical therapies/massages

The services available at METTNAU include a variety of measures from the area of physical therapy beginning with classical massages such as head and neck massage, shoulder and back massage, partial and whole body massage or foot reflex zone massage, lymphatic drainage, complemented by electrotherapy and ultrasound therapy, applying heat and cold locally.

Patients can also use our sauna facilities.


In addition, we offer ergotherapy, for example in the form of functional training for hand or foot, workplace consultation for people who spend a lot of time sitting down, and brain performance training. Take advantage of our services in the area of ergotherapy; they are very versatile and help with motor, cognitive, and neural deficits.

All of our therapeutic services help to stabilise and improve your ability to act in your everyday life and at work.