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Medical care

The best for your health

METTNAU focuses on preventive and rehabilitation medicine, particularly with regard to cardiovascular diseases.

Prevention and rehabilitation (follow-up) counts as an important complementary measure in addition to outpatient medical and stationary treatment in the hospital and is recognised in this form as a fundamental pillar of our health system.

Through a qualified medical diagnosis, risk factors can be identified for the development of atherosclerosis in healthy patients. A detailed consultation and an associated lifestyle change can help reduce risks in the long-term (prevention).

With patients who are already ill, care involves achieving a stable condition at various stages of a disease or, through therapeutic strategies planned together with you, an improvement - ideally a recovery (rehabilitation).

In a special form of rehabilitation, therapies, so-called follow-up treatments (AHB) are carried out immediately after acute illnesses or surgery.

Sport and movement therapy are not only for healthy people. We compile an individual movement concept for our guests according to the qualified sports medicine diagnosis and consultation. Then, together with you, a programme is tailored and put together made up of differentiated movement therapies, as well as many possible additional offerings.

The correlation between physical activity and individual well-being applies to everyone, especially for patients who seek a path to recovery in the context of so-called follow-up medical treatments (AHB). A customised cardio training as a therapy principle, supplemented by active and passive measures has been practised in METTNAU for over 55 years.

In accordance with our motto "Movement is life", tailor-made cardiovascular training and a selection from our various offerings help the rehabilitation process.

Further focuses are the diagnosis and therapy of metabolic diseases such as obesity, dyslipidemiaand diabetes mellitus, as well as pulmonary disorders (including sleep-apnoea syndrome).

We also devote attention to the area of degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the spine and joints.

And ultimately, the focus is also on indication determination of the spectrum disorder of so-called functional complaints or psycho-vegetative fatigue; especially in today's lifestyle where complaints and diseases disproportionately increase with various stress levels  - an expression of missing or insufficient stress management.

In some cases, tumour diseases are also cared for after previous therapy (no cytostatic therapies).