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The METTNAU philosophy


METTNAU is a medical rehabilitation facility in the town of Radolfzell that specialises in therapy for cardiovascular system disorders . We also treat metabolic disorders, orthopaedic findings, as well as the consequences of psychological stress.

METTNAU offers a range of services under the motto "Movement is Life". Because the right blend of activity and relaxation, emotional balance and healthy nutrition is needed to enable the body to generate the energy it needs to cope with everyday demands.

Prevention and rehabilitation are the main pillars of our philosophy.

METTNAU offers expertise at the highest level. Our experienced team of 25 sports teachers and therapists, 20 physicians, including cardiologists, internists, nutritionists, psychologists and a specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine works together to offer interdisciplinary treatment. Your stay at METTNAU begins with an intensive preliminary medical interview and examination. Based on this, the team of physicians and therapists prepare an individual treatment plan for each guest.

METTNAU sets itself high standards. Our goal is to prevent diseases from occurring in the first place. To this end, we focus on promoting health in addition to rehabilitation. The most important aspect of training is that it should be fun! Successful treatment is based on a holistic view of patients and their personal environment. Above and beyond medical care, our nutritionists offer discussions in small groups and individual consultations, because a healthy, balanced diet and an enjoyment of food will boost your performance from within.

A stay at METTNAU allows you to enjoy the unique, beautiful location on Lake Constance with all your senses, take advantage of a wide range of cultural activities, discover the region and its attractions, take time out from everyday life, get away from it all and recharge your batteries. Immerse yourself in the holiday atmosphere, give your body, mind and soul a break, and reactivate your own resources. Invigorated in this way, you can face life's challenges with composure.  

To achieve this, our team of 330 employees do all they can to care for the health of our patients and guests throughout the year. You are in good hands with us.