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Outpatient stays

If you want to use METTNAU's extensive range of services but stay outside our facilities, that’s no problem either. You can also benefit from our therapeutic and medical services as an outpatient. Our team of physicians will be happy to advise you and put together an individual therapy plan in consultation with you.



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Outpatient meals

During your outpatient stay, you may choose to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the clinic (depending on free capacity). For organisational reasons, we must ask you to specify your meals for one week in advance at the reception desk on your day of arrival. It is not possible to reimburse meals that are not taken.

Breakfast 10,00 €
Lunch 15,00 €
Dinner 10,00 €

Outpatient flat rate

For outpatient guests and patients who do not live in our clinics, we charge a daily basic flat rate of 16,50 €. This includes participation in lectures, morning exercises, dance gymnastics and ball games, depending on what is on offer and your prescription, as well as free access to the common rooms and facilities of the clinics (premises, swimming pool, sauna and rowing boats).


Basic medical services

Initial examination and drawing up the therapy plan                                    30,83 €    
Examination to determine overall health       34,86 €  
Resting and stress ECG       59,66 €  
Consultation       10,72 €  
Detailed findings / patient report       17,43 €  
Heart ultrasound (colour duplex)       201,45 €  
Carotid ultrasound (colour duplex)       137,89 €  
Spiroergometry       186,96 €  
Pulmonary function testing (body pletyhsmography)       63,47 €  
Laboratory analysis      Costs as incurred  

We are happy to offer supplementary diagnostics, e.g. lab analysis, lactate diagnosis, spiroergometry, pulmonary function testing, long-term blood pressure measurement, long-term ECG, ultrasound of the thyroid, the neck vessels and the upper abdomen.


Psychological services

Individual psychological counselling                                                                             50 min          100,55 €    
Stress seminars / group coaching 100 min   40,22 €  
Nutritional psychology 60 min   20,11 €  

Nutritional advice

Outpatient nutrition counselling: single   60 min   61,22 €  
Outpatient nutrition counselling: subsequent   40 min   40,22 €  
Outpatient nutrition counselling: short   30 min   30,59 €  
Individual nutritional advice                         90 min   121,24 €   
Group nutritional advice 2 units   90 min each   70,41 €  
Cooking demonstrations in the teaching kitchen   200 min   58,98 €  
Training for diabetics 3 units   75 min each   105,57 €  

Therapeutic services


Our therapy prices apply per unit    
Aerobics 30 min   15,00 €    
Endurance exercises / endurance training 60 min each   15,00 €  
Guided hikes Duration depending on fitness level    15,00 €  

The prices for further outpatient therapies can be found in the section "Therapy prices and services". The movement therapy flat rate in the section “Therapeutic services” applies to inpatient guests and patients only.