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METTNAU packages

Discover the possibilities of our flat-rate health programmes

Without a minimum of physical exercise, it is inevitable that the body will become ill. Exercising for at least half an hour per day will maintain your health and slow down the biological aging process. True to our motto "Movement is Life", we offer a choice of eight attractive health programmes. From Fitness Classic and Rehab Plus to Sports Medical Diagnostics, our popular programmes offer a range of different focuses and contents. Enjoy the appeal of the calmer winter months with our Fit and Relaxed health programme or find the way to your ideal weight with our Healthy and Energetic programmecustomers have the option to start into their lives more consciously with the Introductory offer. The Active Heart programme is particularly directed at cardiac patients as an after-care for follow-up treatment. Our programme Healthy and Vital makes it easier for you to start losing weight. The programme Active against Stress prevents fatigue syndrome/ burnout in time and restores harmony to your body, mind and soul. Our health programme Fit and Relaxed is particularly suitable for the calmer time.

Choose from our numerous tailored packages – there is something for everyone.

Select your personal package deal according to the choice of accommodation, the services included and the offer period. This healthy holiday will be the highlight of your year and the beginning of a new, healthy lifestyle.


Start living more consciously with our "Movement is Life" concept

Basic exercise programme on the Mettnau peninsula on Lake Constance

Active prevention and relaxation during the winter months at METTNAU

Active rehabilitation and relaxation for prevention on the Lake Constance peninsula Mettnau

Targeted follow-up care for your heart

Sports medicine prevention – movement is life

Achieve your ideal weight effectively and in the long term through a healthy lifestyle

Relax, forget the stress of everyday life and recharge your batteries